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More than 13,200 children in San Diego County are homeless. Without the consistency of a stable home, children have a difficult time succeeding in school, presenting further challenges later in life. Homeless children often do not have the experiences that we take for granted as a natural part of childhood. They do not typically spend time at friends’ houses, have sleepovers, or play school sports. They experience much higher incidences of mental illness and depression.

The pressure on parents brings added stress into the home and everyday life becomes challenging. We can fix this. Every child deserves a childhood.

This is a solvable problem.

We know how to end family homelessness. The Toolbox outlines plans and practices that have been proven to combat this crisis in cities all over the country. These methods work.

Many homeless families are just like you. They are regular people, living their lives and doing the best they can until anĀ  unexpected financial, medical, or familial hardship leaves them without any options.

Together, we can make family homelessness history.