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The first step to solving family homelessness in San Diego County is the endorsement of the regional vision by all jurisdictions, appropriate community-based organizations and government agencies, and the adoption of specific tools in the toolbox.

The Keys to Housing coalition is committed to ensuring progress toward our goals and accountability of all agencies and governments that have signed on to the plan. Starting in 2012, we will publish annual report cards outlining specific successes and areas for improvement. We will also continue to publish the most up to date statistics on family homelessness in our county.

Communities all around the country are struggling with family homelessness and working to develop policies to solve this issue. Keys to Housing collaborates and shares best practices with jurisdictions and coalitions around the country in order to strengthen our resources and expand our toolbox. We have compiled some of the most successful and innovative resources from around the country here, organized by our 5 Keys of Action.

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